Wednesday, August 8, 2018


 Top of the world fashionista's!!! I am back with yet another clearance makeup haul. Now, who don't like to look like a million dollars on a budget. So, my travels took me to Big Lots. When I walked in I had no intentions of buying anything, I was just wasting time. So, let's get to it!!! I was excited to find these Revlon Ultra lipstick which retailed at Ulta and Walmart $4.49-$7.97. I got these lipstick for $1.00. What a steal!!!! The Elite beauty tools makeup brushes were retailed at $3.00 but I only paid $1.50. This Revlon eye, lips and cheek pallet in Seductive Smokies retailed at $5.00 and I paid $2.50. These retail at Ulta and Walmart for $8.97. I was really excited to find each of these goodies!!! I plan on posting my makeup looks from this haul, so be on the lookout. Stay tune for a Dollar General make up haul coming next week. I hope you all enjoyed this haul!!!! Until next time, Mikstang Living.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Marshall Clearance Make Up Haul

Hello Fashionista's, Top of the World. Well ya girl has another affordable make up haul. I found these items at Marshall's and these items range from E.L.F to Lorac. So let's jump into it. In the pictures, you can see the clearance prince that I paid for these products. Marshall's has a great selection of makeup products and many times you can find a great deal of high end brand makeup. The mermaid brushes are by Parris Hilton and I got these for $4.00, I haven't tried them yet. But, I will let you know how I like them. If you are like me,  I am always on the lookout for a good makeup brush cleaner. The Beauty Concepts makeup brush cleaner was $3.00. So, what I was most excited about was the NYX Moscow makeup pallet, which included a liquid lipstick which was only $4.50. The pallet includes a liquid lipstick in the color Midnight, highlighter, blush and three eye shadows. I have played with the Moscow pallet and will be posting pictures soon. The E.L.F  brush pallet was get this $1.50, you can't beat that with a stick. The real techniques Sam and Nic miracle eraser sponges were $2.00 and last but not least the Lorac lipstick. This was the only thing that I purchased that was not clearance, but still a great price of $5.99. I was really impressed that I found these items at Marshall, although I had no intentions of even making a make up purchase. These are products that I wear on a daily basis and can't wait to play in this goodies. Stay tune next week for a Big Lots clearance make up haul. Until next time, be Chic, be fabulous, be you.

                                                                                                                              Mikstang Living 

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Top of the world and Happy Sunday!!! I know it has been 3 weeks since I have posted, but I am back from my hiatus. Today, I want to share with you some dollar tree make up products that I found. All of the products are from the brand LA Colors, which is inexpensive brand that I really love. So on to the details. EYE SHADOW: I purchased 2 of the new pallets in NUDE and Beauty pallet. EYE BROW PENCIL:  Blushed( CBLM216), Molten ((CBLM213), and a Metal lipgloss in Cultured (CBLG222)I purchased an eyebrow pencil in dark brown CBBP348. LIPSTICK: I fell in love with these new metal lipstick from LA Colors. Each of these items were a dollar plus tax, which is not bad. We will call it beauty on bargain!!! So, I hope you all enjoyed this quick haul, see you soon in my next blog post.
                                                                                                                     MIKSTANG LIVING

Sunday, June 3, 2018


 Greetings and Happy Sunday. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing day.  As we all know that Summer is approaching and if you are like me, then you like to change your decor as the seasons change. So my inspiration came from the photo above that I saw in a magazine. So, I went on a hunt to find the perfect Summer combination that fits my style. My inspiration for my pillows began with this rug that I purchased at five and below. It was $5.00 and I absolutely loved the hunter and kelly green colors on the bay leaves. Now on to the details for the pillows. I purchased these 2 pack pillows forms last Christmas at Joann for $9.99 which is a great deal for 18 X 18 pillow forms. The grey and white pillow form covers was purchased at hobby lobby for $2.50, they were regular $9.99, so I saved about $15.00. For the pillows that I designed I purchased 4 Waverly fat quarters from Walmart for $.97 each. The other two pillows that I designed, the fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $10.00 a yard and I purchased one yard.  (gray marble color) Other supplies that you may need: coordinating thread, scissors, sewing machine or fabric glue (if you do not sew) and poly fill if you are not using pillows forms. So, I hope that you all enjoyed this post and add some spice to your life for your sofa for the Summer. Have a great week, Mikstang Living.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


 Top of the world. I hope that you are doing great and enjoying this three day weekend. For myself who is currently serving in the military, Memorial Day is more than being off from work. It is a day to remember all of those fallen brave courageous men and women who have lost their life to protect the land of the free. Now, on to the details of this Mikstang Memorial Day DIY. About 80 percent of this DIY was purchased at the dollar tree. DIY 1 :So let's start with the table runner that I created. I purchased the fabric at Joann fabric, in which this piece is actually a remnant. So, I spent less than $2 bucks. DIY 2 : The wine glasses was purchased at the Dollar Tree, I have used these glasses in various blog posts. This DIY is quick and easy. The supplies that you will need: Wine glasses, fine glitter, mod podge and Krylon clear sealer.  DIY 3: The candle holders have also been featured in numerous blog posts. Another quick and easy project.  Supplies needed: 4 single handle stem holders, 2 clear candle glass candle holder (oval or circle) shaped and E6000 glue. For this project glue the two stems together with the E6000, let them sit over night and just put the candle holder on top and you are done!!! Last but not least, the arrangement. DIY 4: Supplies needed: The flowers were purchased at Walmart for $0.97 . The red and white vase fillers was purchased after Christmas at Hobby lobby for $0.80 cent and I separated the colors. The clear glass vase was purchased at dollar tree and the blue glass filler was purchased for $2.00 at a local dollar store. To add a little spice, I bought the stars from Target last year. So I home that you all have enjoyed this post and given you some inspiration. I hope that you all have a great Memorial Day and please be safe!!! 

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Top of the  world.  I hope that you all are doing great. The weather has gotten warmer and I was on the search for a summer Welcome mat. Did you all know that Welcome mats are so expensive, so I decided to create my own. I wanted something that was bright and had an inspirational message.  I call this Welcome mat MMIH Mikstang Made It Herself. So here are details. I purchased this door mat at dollar tree. The paint was purchased from Walmart and  is by Folk Art paint in neon yellow for $1.97. The foam brushes was purchased at Joann for $.97 and the stencil was purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $.75. After I had created the mat, I later decided that it was missing something. So I decided to add some trim that was purchased at Michaels on clearance for $1.00. Some other additional things that you will need will be a plastic bag to cover your work area and tape to hold the stencil in place. I absolutely loved the way that this Welcome mat turned out. Each day I step outside my door I am reminded to follow my dreams. I hope that you all enjoyed this post. Mikstang Living!!!!


 Top of the world fashionista's!!! I am back with yet another clearance makeup haul. Now, who don't like to look like a million do...